3 unbeaten features of iPhone 12 Pro you may not know

The iPhone 12 has always been one of the most controversial topics on today’s technology forums. According to various sources, the secrets about the iPhone 12 are slowly being revealed. It can be said that the leaked information about the iPhone 12 quartet always makes Apple fans eagerly hunt.

As expected, the iPhone 12 quartet will be released by Apple in September this year. Of the 4 versions, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max series are considered the two most advanced and genuine versions. This perfect duo is integrated with the most advanced technologies in 2020. Especially, only IPhone Pro line is equipped with the most advanced features. However, this investment also means that the price of the 2 Pro versions will also be the highest.

In a recent video from YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, 3 most unique features of the iPhone 12 Pro series were revealed. According to the mentioned video content, the iPhone 12 Pro line will have 3 special highlights as follows:

– New design

– 120Hz screen refresh rate

– Some features on iOS 14 Beta 6.

We cannot be sure that the above information is correct or not. However, the video’s arguments seem well grounded and plausible. IPhone users also hope those new features are true and are hoping to experience them in the near future possible.

New design

Accordingly, similar to other members of the iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro family will also have a square edge design. However, this premium version will have a slightly smaller set of “rabbit ears”. This design has clearly created its own highlight for this high-end iPhone 12 version.

Screen refresh rate

The source also revealed that only the iPhone 12 Pro pair will get a 120Hz screen refresh rate. The current iPhones are only equipped with a screen refresh rate of 60Hz. Compared to other competitors in the smartphone market, this figure is quite low. For example, Samsung has soon equipped two versions of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 with a 120Hz refresh rate. Therefore, this technological advance of the “Apple” family is highly anticipated and welcomed. ‘

Other premium features

In addition to the two above features, the Youtube channel EverythingApplePro also revealed that the iPhone 12 Pro duo will be capable of fast charging 20. At the same time, 5G connectivity at mmWave frequency is also equipped for these 2 Pro versions.

In addition, they will also be significantly upgraded on the rear camera cluster. Integrated processor chip will be upgraded to A14 Bionic. RAM can be raised to 6GB with greater battery life. All will create unbeaten strength for the pair of iPhone 12 Pro in the smartphone market this year.

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