Advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting you should know

To choose shared hosting, you need to evaluate and compare different criteria. From there, based on your needs, you can choose and use the most suitable form. In today’s article, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting on different aspects. Thereby, you will easily find out if Shared hosting is suitable for your website or not?

What is Shared Hosting?

With the ability to accommodate many websites, Shared hosting is the most popular form of hosting. When using shared hosting, your website will be placed on the same server as other websites and share resources from the same main server. Therefore, the resources of Shared hosting are limited and have a very low level of security. This is the first choice for businesses and individuals who are looking to develop websites to introduce products and conduct e-commerce transactions effectively and cost-effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting


When using Shared hosting, you will not need to worry much because the service provider will take full responsibility. From managing the server, installing and updating software, security tools, fixing other technical issues. Shared hosting does not require you to have too much relevant knowledge to use. And the cost will be distributed across many customers, so this is a very economical form. Other advantages of shared hosting are:

  • Support many different programming languages
  • Free to create a Subdomain domain name.
  • Create and manage email mailboxes under your own domain name for free.
  • Has a large bandwidth, allowing the use of multiple domains on 1 website
  • Manage multiple websites on 1 hosting
  • Backup and restore data


You might get a hard time to install some more apps or plugins for your website. This is because of the limited hosting service. Since your website will be on the same server as many other websites, and it is not possible to guarantee that every website on the server will run security updates, many threats can still occur. With Shared hosting, you don’t have deep access to the system. And you will have to consider the performance issue that can be impacted and impacted on other websites.

The bottom line

Overall, Shared hosting is not a 100% perfect service. Besides the great strengths, this service also has some shortcomings. The article has pointed out the basic advantages and disadvantages of Shared hosting. Hope this article was useful enough and provided you with the necessary knowledge when choosing shared hosting. Good luck!

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