Basic knowledge of hosting services

Hosting is one of the indispensable components for webmasters. Each hosting service has its advantages and disadvantages. The success or failure of the website depends a lot on the hosting. Therefore, web developers must choose carefully. Before deciding to use this service, users need to understand each type of hosting. The following article will be a summary of the information you need to know about Hosting.

What is a hosting service?

Hosting is a form of data storage and sharing service on an online platform. It is space on the server and can install services such as the world wide web. file transfer, mail. With this space, you can store and store important content or data on the website.

The hosting provider will be responsible for keeping the servers running continuously. At the same time, the provider also needs to make sure the hosting can run smoothly. They will prevent unauthorized access to the server, and process data such as documents and images from hosting to the user’s browser.

Basic hosting services you need to know

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is an extremely popular form of web hosting because it is a type of server that includes many common users. Your website data will be stored on the same server. Websites owned by different accounts are all handled by the same CPU.

For new websites that are just created and have not much traffic, Shared Hosting will be extremely suitable. This is considered a perfect solution for website creation.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a form of using cloud computing technology. Cloud Hosting works with the process of receiving computer resources from technology providers to host data, networks,…

Websites that need to use a lot of resources and require large bandwidth are very suitable for Cloud Hosting. For example, e-commerce sites, social networks, …

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a form of server, the virtual server is created by dividing the physical server into many different servers. These virtual servers will be run as resource shares from the original physical servers.

With VPS Hosting, you will have full control over your website data storage space. VPS Hosting is suitable for those who need a unique and specific solution. Because VPS will give users root access to be able to make customizations and make it the right platform.

The Bottom Line

There are many different types of hosting services. Each service has its advantages and disadvantages. As a web user, you need to consider your financial capabilities and usage needs to choose the most suitable service. Good luck!

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