Be a smart user when using free VPS

In some cases, free VPS will be reasonable choices. Therefore, in this section, we will give some advice for you when you want to use the free VPS service. Interested readers do not skip this part. There are many factors in how a free VPS service is appropriate. However, we summarize and give some of the following ideas:

Understand your needs

The obvious downside of free VPS services is the problem of limited resources. It will be difficult for you to use as comfortably as you can pay. If you are not asking for too large of resources then congratulations, VPS free seems to be better for you.

However, you should carefully calculate to ensure your scalability is within the allowed area of ​​that free VPS service. Each provider has explicitly limited resources they offer. If in that area, you can safely use it.

Use free VPS as a way to experience the service

In this case, you may experience unlimited service. But in return many service providers offer free VPS packages but in a relatively short time. Maybe 1-2 months only. This means that after that time you will have to “move” or upgrade.

It will take time when the case of “moving house” occurs. If the services you use during the trial have large amounts of data, moving back and forth will be risky. So let’s determine if it’s just an experience, don’t put too much data on it for now. Do this when you are sure you will continue to use it later. Do not just see ads for free trial VPS, but consider the work hard later.

Choose a reputable free VPS service provider

The benefits of a large and reputable service provider, everyone of us already know. Usually for such large units they can offer trial programs for long periods of time. If you do small, short-term projects, taking advantage of these free VPS resources will also save a lot of things.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon or Google are three of the many reputable providers for you to learn. They have free VPS trial programs that last up to a year. Google even gave it a lifetime trial.

However, the weakness of the free VPS services from these providers is that most of them are located abroad. Therefore, under some conditions, domestic connection will be affected. These times, domestic VPS providers will be more suitable.

The last word

Free VPS is not necessarily bad. However, you should know how to use it to suit your needs. If you define a long-term business, need a large amount of resources, you should not use VPS free. Or whether you should use it to experience the service before using it officially.

This article gives you a different perspective on the current free VPS services. Hope that this information is somewhat useful for you. Good luck!

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