Galaxy S30 has up to 6 cameras

Along with the popularity of the iPhone 12 versions, Galaxy S30 is also an equally hot topic in 2020. It can be said that the Galaxy S30 is a formidable competitor of the iPhone 12. This S30 version owns a A powerful weapon to fight with the IPhone 12, which is the 6 rear camera system. Analysts have pointed out that the Galaxy S30 is likely to feature a six-camera array on the back.

Nowadays, the demand for photography is increasing. Smartphone manufacturers are also very focused on investing and upgrading rear camera systems for their products. Up to the present time, smartphone versions on the market are usually equipped with 4 to 5 rear cameras.

With so many cameras, however, mounting all the sensors to the back of a smartphone is not an easy process. Samsung is also aiming to have a horizontal camera panel. This camera model will be the same as the Galaxy S10 series, but the number of sensors will be more.

Each camera is a wide angle camera and they are identical. However, out of the 5 cameras there will be 1 main camera with a higher resolution. Unlike with a large number of cameras, these cameras can be tilted in the case to provide unique effects.

These cameras work together to produce sharp, high-resolution images. This can prove to be more versatile than a single sensor of equivalent resolution.

The convex camera design will make it easier to zoom in focus. The camera moves in and out of the phone body when the photo is needed. This design is also a way to protect the camera from impact and strong impacts.

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