Helpful tips to distinguish different types of hosting for newbies

You know, there are quite a few options for web hosting, also known as hosting. Some popular services are trusted by many users such as shared host, virtual server (VPS), Dedicated server and managed WordPress hosting. Now let’s look at each type of hosting to see how they are different?

1. Free Hosting

True to its name, with this hosting you do not have to pay any costs. It is usually offered by individuals or organizations with a particular purpose in mind. For example, they let you use free hosting but will place ads on your site. Put links in the footer of website…

Most free hosts will have limited functionality such as not being able to use their own domain name, not installing and extending more functionality, no security, limited storage capacity and extremely low speed.

The most important thing when you use a free hosting service is that you cannot know when they will stop offering you free services. So if you want to build your website / blog with a clear and long-term goal, free hosting is not your choice.

2. Shared Hosting

This is the most popular type of hosting that is used by many people to host WordPress websites. Shared hosting uses the same resources as CPU, disk space, bandwidth … with many websites. All are located on a physical server.

Reputable shared hosting services have almost unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth. However, there comes a time when your website has a large amount of traffic, you will definitely need to upgrade to more advance hosting packages. But with the right use of the function for each stage, you will save a lot of money.

Hence, shared hosting is still the best solution for beginners and bloggers.

3. Virtual Private Server

Also known as virtual server, this is a virtual server generated by a physical server. This type of hosting is usually for websites or blogs with large traffic volume or high growth needs with a long-term strategy.

Of course the cost and usage will also be more complicated and not everyone can easily install and configure a website / run on VPS. Usually the services that provide virtual host will include technical support services for their customers.

4. Dedicated Server

Also known as a physical server, this is the type where you rent an entire server. You are free to use that server, this type of hosting is for websites with extremely large traffic.

The cost of using a Dedicated Server is typically as low as $ 100 / month, and you need to be technically self-managed or need to pay additional fees for companies to provide management services.

5. WordPress Managed Hosting

While the above hosting services allow you to run any website source code and self-administer, the WordPress Managed Hosting package is the exact opposite. This is a high-end hosting type designed exclusively for WordPress source code to get the best performance.

This means that all settings inside the Server and the software are best compatible with WordPress to make your website safer, speedier and especially they also administer the server and keep you secure.

The cost for this type of hosting usually ranges from $ 20 per month and only allows hosting 1 WordPress website with about 25,000 visits per month. Usually the newbies cannot afford to pay for this hosting service either.

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