How many types of hosting are there?

We have to assert that, to have a website or a blog running on the internet you will need to have three factors: domain name, content management and hosting. The domain name acts like an address of a company or business. The content administrator helps website owners easily manage website content. The last element is hosting, it is like a piece of land where the database of your website / blog is stored.

What is Hosting?

Defined professionally, hosting is a computer that can receive and send two-way connections. Hosting is also known as web hosting. It is a computer that can hold data related to the website such as source code, uploaded data eg images, videos… and databases.

Another simpler definition, hosting is “land” for you to build a house on it. This place is the place for you to “put” your website up, attach to it an address (domain name), upload articles, images, videos … through an open source software such as WordPress.

How many types of hosting are there?

There are many types of hosting for you to choose from such as free host, shared host, VPS, dedicated hosting or managed WordPress hosting. Below, I will help you distinguish different types of hosting, guide to choose the most reputable, quality hosting.

But before I go into finding out how many types of hosting there are, I want to confirm that they will rent hosting, not buy hosting. Evidence is that when registering a hosting package we need to pay fees from time to time and that time we have to renew.

From a technical perspective, there will be 3 types of hosting we need to know before hiring hosting as follows:

Dedicated Server

This is the kind in which you rent a private server. You are free to use that server, this type of hosting is for websites with extremely large traffic. Therefore, the cost of using this type of hosting is quite expensive.

Virtual Private Server

This is also you renting a private server but just a virtual server generated by a physical server. This hosting is for websites or blogs with an average traffic of about 8,000 to 100,000 times per day

Shared Hosting

This is a hosting package that is generated and set up by a Dedicated Server or VPS, and has been installed with the necessary applications to make a website. This is the type of host we often use because it is suitable for the needs, easy to use and cheap.

Distinguish 3 basic types of hosting

Share hosting is the type you rent a room in the whole inn, where the room is the place where you sleep, but you can bathe, cook, clean … then share with other tenants.

Virtual Private Server is like you rent an apartment in an apartment building, you have full right to use the space in the apartment to sleep, cook, dry clothes … but you still have to share other services such as storage, car, elevator….

Dedicated Server is like you rent a house, which is a private area with a gate with a garden to barbecue with parking space.

So when deciding which hosting package to rent, it depends on your own strategy and development needs. However, almost all of us start with Shared Hosting.

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