How to fix wifi limited access problems?

As a computer user, you must have had a headache because of the limited access error of wifi. This error makes a lot of users very much inhibited because of its instability. So what is the cause of this error? The fact shows that this problem has many different causes. I can only fix it until I get in. So in this article, I will guide you on how to fix wifi limited access problems.

Signs to wifi limited access problem

When our wifi is accessed, there is a yellow exclamation mark. When you click on the wifi you are using, it says Limited access. It is the limited wifi error that we make.

How to fix wifi limited access


Type the command line in CMD

First, open RUN by pressing Windows + R key combination or search in Windows, type Run and press Enter

Next, type CMD and press Ok

Go to CMD

The CMD screen displays you type ipconfig / release and then press Enter

WOOD ipconfig / release

Next, type the command ipconfig / renew

Type ipconfig / renew

Please wait for a while to see the results

Use antivirus software

There are many reasons for wifi exclamation mark or limited is also partly caused by viruses. Viruses get into your computer ruining everything from files, drivers, …

The solution is very simple: You just need to install 1 anti-virus software to kill.

Review the wifi driver for your computer

You should review the wifi driver on your computer, see if it is missing or defective.

To check the wifi driver, do the following

Right-click the My Computer icon and select properties

After that, the screen displays you, select Device Manager. Device Manager screen shows you Click on Network adapters


– If your computer does not have the wifi adapter as in the picture, you should install the wifi driver by going to the home page of your computer company to find wifi driver and then install it. Or go to google to find drivers like Easy Driver or Wan Driver with full versions 32b and 64b compatible with your Windows version.

– If your computer already has a wifi adapter and the wifi is still limited, you can do as follows:

– Right-click on the wifi adapter, select Disable and wait for a while, then repeat the operation as just select Enable

– If it still does not work then you should probably update that wifi adapter driver by. Right-click on the wifi adapter icon, select Update Driver Software, then Search automatically for updated driver software so that it automatically updates and installs on your computer.

Turn off the wifi device to restart or reconfigure the wifi device

If all else fails, try this one. Because the wifi modem we use often and continuously so it will be hot. Unplug the modem for about 1-2 minutes, wipe it to make it less hot, and then plug it again.

If it still does not work, you should reconfigure your wifi device to see how. The wifi configuration is very simple, you can search online for not too difficult.

The Bottom Line

Above are all the methods to fix the wifi limited access problem. Hope you can fix this problem quickly and access the network quickly. If there is any prolem, do not hesitate to leave your comments. Thank you for reading this post, good luck!

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