Top 3 best apps to hide photos on iPhone

Your iPhone has a lot of photos but not every photo should be public for everyone. Take your photos quite privately and secretly. Of course, you want to hide or hide them to avoid prying eyes. If you want nobody but you to be able to admire those photos, you can check out some of the following apps. They are the best app for hiding photos on iPhones.

Secret Photo Album Hide Photo

Secret Photo Album Hide Photos also has the same initial setup steps as the above application, creating and confirming your password. However, you can skip this setup step, but you will lose its security. If you set a password, you can also enter an email address in case you forget it.

After setup is complete, you can import photos from your Photos, iCloud, camera, or Files app. You can also create a new album with any name you want. Besides, there is also the option to delete photos from their original location when importing photos into the application.

Top 3 best apps to hide photos on iPhone 1

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe

Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe is a free application. When you first start using Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe, it will ask you to set and confirm the password. You can then enter your email address in case you forget that password.

Once the password is set, you can use it. You will select each image to add to the application or can import multiple images if desired. After adding photos, you will be asked if you want them removed from the default Photo application.

You can also create photo albums and set passwords for them and enter a backup email if you accidentally forget it. This feature provides you with an additional layer of security along with the application password you originally set up.

Top 3 best apps to hide photos on iPhone 2

Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

With Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe, you will start by creating a free account with just your name and email address. From there, you can set and confirm a password to access the application. The main screen gives you options to create albums, you can add photos/videos or even files.

You can create a private album and set a password for it. Alternatively, you can lock any album with a passcode if desired. Then import photos from your photo library, camera, or folder in your Files app. This application, like the aforementioned applications, will ask if you want to delete your photo from the Photos application after you transfer it into the application.

This is also a good free photo hiding app besides Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe that I mentioned above.

Top 3 best apps to hide photos on iPhone 3

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