Unique features not to be missed on iPhone 12

Among the upcoming smartphones in 2020, the “Apple” members are always expected the most. According to reliable sources, Apple’s iPhone 12 quartet will be the biggest leap ever. The information revealed that the iPhone 12 versions of Apple will have innovations in design, screen, camera, and 5G connectivity … So the iPhone 12 versions have unique features. This unique or not?

120 Hz display

The most prominent among the 4 members of the iPhone 12 is iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro. These two high-end versions are expected to feature a 120 Hz ProMotion display. This smart screen has also been upgraded on the previous iPad Pro.

LiDAR sensor

In addition to the new screen, the source has also pointed out that the high-end iPhone 12 models will have a LIDAR sensor. LiDAR sensor is a breakthrough on the new iPhone. This type of intelligent sensor allows the iPhone to create an accurate three-dimensional map of the surroundings. LiDAR uses two lenses that emit a laser beam and measure the time the light is bounced back.


But its standout feature is 5G across all products, at least this fall. Having 5G on all iPhone 12 models is sure to make the cost of making this smartphone even higher, so Apple is said to have shipped the iPhone 12 without the charger or EarPods inside the case, just Leave the Lightning cable and the phone itself.

Despite cutting down on the aforementioned accessories, because of the 5G connectivity, the starting price of the iPhone 12 series not only does not decrease but may also be higher than its predecessors. For example, the standard iPhone 12 starts from $ 699 to $ 749, while the highest iPhone 12 Pro Max starts from $ 1,149 to $ 1,199. To be sure, the starting price of the iPhone 11 is $ 699 and iPhone 11 Pro Max is $ 1,099.

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