Useful tips for attractive pictures on your IPhone

You are a selfie enthusiast but do not know how to take professional photos? As an iPhone user, if you don’t know how to take advantage of this smartphone to take beautiful photos, it is a pity.

If you are looking for a way to get great photos with the iPhone then this article is what you need. Here are the top useful tips for taking photos with your iPhone!

Use applications of other software vendors

If you are not in a hurry, have plenty of time to choose the moment, you can use other photography apps. Instead of using the default camera, you have many options on the AppStore.

Apple has opened a range of controls for developers, including shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure. What does this mean? That means you can now take pictures often with greater clarity than the default camera app.

While you can’t assign camera shortcut buttons to third-party apps, you can place them in your Dock so they are easily accessible from any part of the Home screen.

Enable grid photography

This feature is available on iPhone. It is a great tool to help you line up your photos so that they follow the one-third rule. To use this feature, go to Settings => Camera => and turn on the Grid feature.

Use iPhone Camera shortcut

In life, there are many unique and interesting moments. They happen suddenly, without any preparation. Therefore, you need to lightning quickly these quick moments. If you are slow, you will miss them and will regret it.

To do that, use the iPhone Camera shortcut.

Swipe up the iPhone camera shortcut from the Lock screen. The camera will appear immediately and you can quickly take photos without wasting time waiting.

Turn off the flash when taking photos

Compared to the previous versions, the recent iPhone flash generation is much improved. However, no matter how upgraded Flash is, it’s not as powerful and useful for producing a great picture. Sometimes it even makes your photos worse.

Instead of turning on Flash, try to take advantage of natural light sources. If you take photos at night, use the exposure slider of the Camera app to increase the light in your photos.

Use Burst mode to take action photos

If you want to capture a moving scene, the continuous shooting mode will be a perfect feature that you are looking for.

To shoot in Burst mode, you just need to touch and hold the shutter button (or volume up button) when you want to start.

While holding down the shutter button, you’ll see a counter appear at the bottom of the screen, which will tell you how many photos you’ve taken. To stop capturing, simply lift your finger and the photo cluster will be saved to your Camera Roll.

Take photos with the volume button

Compared to other phones, the iPhone is too thin. When taking a photo, it is easy to shake or blur. So instead, you can use the volume up button (when you use the default photography app) to take photos. This method will make your photos very different.

Slide the exposure meter

If an image is too dim or underexposed, you can adjust the yellow exposure slider next to the focus square.

Just touch the focus square and exposure slider once, then use the sun icon to increase your exposure by sliding upwards or reducing exposure by sliding downwards.

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