What is the best smartphone in 2020?

If money isn’t an issue and users want an iPhone, it’s clear that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best thing to buy. It has a nice, bright display and impressive colors, while the chip is also the fastest that can beat the competition, at least before the iPhone 12 came out. Battery life on the device is equally impressive.

The camera on the phone has also been improved, and this time its main new feature is Night Mode that makes it possible for anyone to take better photos in low light. Along with that is the familiar iOS offers the opportunity to update up to 5 years, ie users have used it for many years without being outdated.

Galaxy Note20 Ultra

This is a super high-end smartphone that supports Samsung’s S Pen. Huge phone with a powerful camera. The feel of holding the camera in the hand is very luxurious and the new tempered glass can theoretically withstand the impact of falling from the hand.

The top 6.9-inch display has a 120 Hz refresh rate for a smooth experience. Inside the device integrates the Snapdragon 865+ chip perfect for gaming, while the 12 GB RAM makes multitasking easy. The camera quality is also excellent at up to 50x zoom. The battery life is just fine and not quite great, forcing users to charge it every night. For those who like the S Pen, they won’t be disappointed.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

This is one of the smartphones that users should not ignore due to having the best of Samsung in early 2020, including an ambitious camera system with a large main sensor and periscope lens for 10x optical zoom. or 100x hybrid zoom like never before on a phone.

The 5,000 mAh battery on the product is quite large, enough to meet the requirements from users such as the advanced AMOLED screen with a scanning frequency of up to 120 Hz, which helps bring a fairly smooth experience. Although the price of the product is not cheap, it is also worthwhile for everyone to invest.

IPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is the phone most people will buy thanks to its reasonable starting price. It offers the best performance and support software with a 5-year update guarantee. It also offers longer battery life than the iPhone XR – which is a device with good battery performance. Be aware that Face ID on the phone is still the best facial recognition system that competitors can’t match.

The biggest downside of the iPhone 11 is probably the screen when it has a very large bezel that makes the phone feel wide and uncomfortable to hold. The LCD itself isn’t as sharp or vibrant as phones with newer AMOLED technology.

iPhone SE 2020

This is a product that looks like the iPhone 8 but inside it integrates a very powerful A13 Bionic chip to accept all Android competitors. It also comes with a single camera that has been tuned to take brilliant photos and 4K video quality far exceeds what we would get for a phone that costs around $ 50.

Plus, the iOS ecosystem value is undisputed, but its battery life is still not the best of the modern iPhone listings.

Pixel 4a

Finally, on this list, we can’t help but mention the Pixel 4a – the successor to the affordable Pixel 3a and is rated as the best Android phone at a very competitive price point. But even more surprising, the phone is even more attractive at just $ 349

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