Why should integrate CRM software with other management software?

Customer management software or CRM software both refer to a tool that helps businesses manage interactions with customers. As a result, it is possible to build sales strategies to the right audience, and the right needs. These things are necessary to increase revenue as well as create close and close relationships with customers.

However, most businesses just set up a standalone CRM system without any intention of integrating them with other enterprise management applications. Or they currently have human resource management, finance, accounting software and need to integrate professional CRM software.

Business administration applications act as the heart of all activities; not only organize the implementation of actions in a standard and automated manner but also ensure stability and increase competitive value for businesses.

Why should integrate CRM software with other management software?

Currently, the ERP system best undertakes this task with modules such as production management; supply chain management; business management, sales; HRM; customer management;…

CRM software is considered a module of the overall ERP system. However, due to the needs of each enterprise, a software provider may develop one or more modules separately. It is very common for businesses to have customer management software but no ERP.

Managing customers with CRM software doesn’t just use one data source; instead, managers need more diverse data to decide customers. In short, customer management software should be integrated with other management software of the enterprise because:

Accurate quotes to customers. Users easily determine the price and quantity of products ready to serve the needs of the market. Moreover, the manager has the most general view of business costs through data from ERP to make one of the bases for determining the product’s price.

Reduce errors in processing thanks to data consistency between management software. Moreover, save time entering data from one software to another. Forecasting is better when users can access more information at the same time, with full reports related to decision making.

Problems integrating CRM with other software

Although the integration is necessary for users to enjoy the maximum benefits from the application of technology in the enterprise; however, businesses should still anticipate some of the following risks:


The integration process requires time, money, and manpower to implement. Sometimes the cost to integrate can be much higher than setting up a new system. Therefore, businesses should seek the support of reputable software providers for direct advice on their problems.

Available software programs

Not all products are flexible to integrate with other software. In addition, the enterprise’s choice of software from many vendors can also be an obstacle to wanting them to be compatible. An important issue that businesses need to consider is the infrastructure condition when they want to integrate a new CRM software into the system. You can solve the infrastructure problem economically and quickly by choosing a deployment platform that is Cloud.

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