Why should new bloggers use shared hosting instead of VPS hosting?

Currently, on the market, there are many hosting packages. The common hosting services we often know include shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. So for new bloggers, it’s hard to make the best choice for your web hosting. In this article, I will write in detail about which hosting package a WordPress novice should use, and will also reveal some of the best web hosting services for beginners that cost a fortune. Cheap and reputable.

We have discussed the things to consider when ordering a web hosting service. Now let’s see what kind of hosting a new blogger or webmaster should choose between the thousands of diverse and abundant hosting available today.

What type of web hosting is best for new bloggers?

Technically, web hosting can be divided into the following categories:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Cloud hosting

For any WordPress site, I also recommend Linux hosting. When I started blogging, I was also overwhelmed by so many options. As a result, I experimented with many types of hosting. I have started to try with a free hosting provider like Hostinger and the results are not as expected. After placing the website on the host, my blog is inaccessible after reaching 100 views.

The reason is that with free hosting your server has a very limited capacity and most of the website you put up is just for testing to see how it works when someone comes in. Free hosting is best to use only if you want a few testers to see how the site works. However,for blogging, it’s completely impossible.

Shared hosting is the best choice for those who are just starting as a blogger or webmaster. With this choice, you will save money and have unlimited resources for hosting that can meet your basic needs. Furthermore, VPS and dedicated hosting are quite expensive and overkill for a beginner. Therefore, you should choose shared hosting when starting your internetwork.

All of the hosting services mentioned above are services I have used and are known to be very good services. I recommend shared hosting when starting and when your WordPress site exceeds your server resources, instead of switching hosts, optimize your site and when your site is real If you are famous, you can consider upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server. You can optimize databases, delete unused tables, and remove plugins to speed up your site. I recommend doing these things before thinking about changing hosts.

Why you should use shared hosting?

For bloggers who simply want to start blogging, I recommend shared hosting, for the following reasons:

– Initial site visits will usually below

– Shared hosting costs less than dedicated hosting

– Most startup websites can be easily controlled by shared hosting

– Most bloggers lack capital and have low income when starting a business. We should choose a hosting service that costs 5-10 dollars/month rather than 20-50 dollars per month for dedicated hosting.

The last word

Many people believe that shared hosting affects search engine rankings, but in a recent video Matt Cutts, a Google webspam engineer, asserted that type of hosting does not affect the order. However, you need to make sure that you have chosen a reputable hosting service to be able to optimize the uptime for your website.

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