Will the Galaxy S30 revive the headphone jack feature?

Starting from iPhone 7, later generations of iPhone no longer retain the headphone jack. In addition to the iPhone, many other smartphones also follow this trend. Samsung, for example, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note also dropped this detail. However, according to leaked information, Samsung will be determined to revive this feature.

According to the rumors, Samsung will continue to use the headphone jack for a series of high-end smartphones. This change will likely apply to Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S30 series. In recent times, Samsung has noticed that revenue from recent products has shown signs of decline, and the drop in sales is probably due to the drop in headphone jacks.

The source said that the reintroduction of the headphone jack will be a special promotional strategy for the company. This is a special strategy to draw attention to the next S flagship.

Like Samsung, Sony has also removed the headphone jack detail in previous smartphone versions. However, starting this year, Sony will re-apply this feature. Sony recognizes that the connection port is an indispensable detail for the multimedia experience.

According to reliable sources, Samsung has not only revived the headphone jack in the Galaxy 21 version. Other Samsung technology strategies will also be tested from this version 21. The Galaxy S21 smartphone may be equipped with different Exynos chips and put the charger in the box. It seems that the new appearance of the Galaxy 21 will make Galaxy fans extremely surprised. If you also love this phone, let’s wait and see what surprises it will bring to the fans.

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